​​​​​​​The Advisory Groups exist to give advice to Christchurch Metro Cricket on a range of matters that impact on the playing and administration of club and youth cricket in the Christchurch area. They are an integral part of The CMCA and are highly valued. 

They cover Women and Youth cricket. They are not bodies that are fully representative of all the clubs and schools but, rather, are a collection of individuals who have  cricket at heart. Christchurch Metro Cricket asks that group members leave their club affiliation at the meeting door.

The primary function of each group is to give advice to the CMCA; this advice will either be acted upon, or rejected by the Senior Leadership Team.

Each group exists for two years and nominations are asked for from clubs and schools. Numbers in a group will usually range from 8 to about 10. Anyone affiliated to a club or school may bring an issue to the Advisory group of choice.

Youth Advisory Group (YAG)

Warren Lidstone

Matt Parr

Dave Grocott

Fergus Smith

Mitch Rodden

Mike Johnston

Rachel Hemingway

Keryn Ambler 

Mike Harvey

Mike Fisher Chair

​​​​​​​Meeting Minutes

Women's Advisory Group

Linda Pettigrew

Lesley Murdoch

Andrew McKenzie

Ross Hastings

Ady Simmons

Zoe Pullar

Nat Cox

Mike Harvey

Mike Fisher Chair

​​​​​​​Meeting Minutes